The Pros And Cons Of A Residential HVAC Maintenance Program


When you schedule a maintenance appointment with your preferred residential HVAC maintenance and repair company, they will likely talk to you about a residential HVAC maintenance program. These programs are becoming very popular and most companies now offer them. You pay an annual fee for a certain period of time and in return your HVAC maintenance is covered and repairs may be discounted.

This may leave you wondering if this type of program is ideal for you. Learning the pros and cons will help you decide. Here are a couple of the pros and cons of residential HVAC maintenance programs.

Cons of Residential HVAC Maintenance Programs

You're Locked Into a Contract

One of the cons to a residential HVAC maintenance program is that you are locked into a multi-year contract. If your financial situation changes and you don't want to pay for maintenance or the HVAC company is not meeting your needs, you may be stuck. As such, it is important to ensure that this type of program is something you can afford into the future and that you take your time to find a company who will satisfy your HVAC needs.

If You Don't Use the Service, You May Lose Money

The other disadvantage to this type of service is that if you do not have time to schedule an appointment or end up not having spring or fall HVAC maintenance performed, you will likely lose money on the plan. These types of plans typically only make financial sense if you use both of the maintenance appointments your plan comes with. If you only use one, you are likely better off paying out of pocket for that one appointment than getting one of these plans.

Pros of Residential HVAC Maintenance Programs

You Know What You'll Pay

One of the upsides to a residential HVAC maintenance program is you know what you will pay for the duration of your contract. HVAC maintenance and repairs tend to go up a small amount year after year (like most services do). With one of these plans, you lock in a rate for the length of your contract, which helps you budget and know exactly what your HVAC maintenance costs will be.

You'll Have a Reminder to Get Your HVAC Maintained

The other advantage to an HVAC maintenance plan is you'll receive reminders about your maintenance needs. Many people overlook their HVAC maintenance needs or forget about them. A maintained unit has a longer lifespan and runs more efficiently. As such, being reminded to schedule an appointment can be a big plus.

Residential HVAC maintenance programs are becoming more popular. Learning the benefits and drawbacks of these plans can help you decide if it is something you should sign up for or not.  


8 March 2017

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