How To Fix Oven Door Springs


If the springs on your oven door break, you won't be able to shut the door properly, and heat can escape. The springs on the door help to seal the door, which keeps heat inside the oven. Sometimes, the springs need replacing, and they may only need positioning in a different place. You should be able to fix the door springs yourself by following these tips.

Prepare to Fix the Springs

You need work gloves and a screwdriver for this project. Let the oven cool, if it has been running, and unplug it. When working on oven doors even with gloves, keep fingers away from where the door closes. 

Remove the Door

Oven doors may detach in various ways. Open the door until it sticks, detach the clips with the screwdriver, and try to lift it off the hinges. Move the door up and out, then lay it aside. If it doesn't come off, look for a lever to press to free the door from the hinges. 

On some models, the hinges may not come off the door when you remove it. In this case, look for a bottom plate with screws, and detach the screws. 

Remove or Adjust the Springs

Locate the springs, which may be installed inside the oven door behind an access panel, under a storage drawer on the bottom, or attached to a side panel.

Use the screwdriver to detach the side panel or access panel screws, or open the drawer. A side panel should lift off the stove. If the springs aren't damaged, try to position them in different holes. 

A frame spring commonly has a metal strip connected to holes in the frame. Make certain you move the spring to the same position on each side. 

To replace damaged springs, snap a photo or make a note of where the springs attach. Press the hinges to close, and unhook the springs. Use the old springs as a guide to buy the correct replacement.

Install the New Springs

Move the hinges into the open position, and hook the new springs in place. Replace the drawer or plates you removed, if needed. 

Reattach the door, aligning the slots with the hinges, or the align oven side slots with the hinge arms, if the hinges are attached to the door. Make sure the door completely sits on the hinges, and press it down to seal.

Open and close the door several times to test the repair. If the door still doesn't close, the problem lies elsewhere, such as a damaged door seal or hinge. Contact an appliance repair service for more help.


8 February 2018

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