Leaving The AC Unit In The Window For Winter — Tips For Preparing


How long did it take you to get your window air conditioner put in this summer? If you're like many across the country, you had to sweat through a few hot spells before you finally got around to putting that thing in. If putting the unit in was such a problem, you've probably been kicking around the idea of leaving it in place for the winter. Is it safe to do that? Here, you'll find a few tips that can help you protect your window unit while limiting the heat loss this year.

Location of the Unit

Is the unit located somewhere that is relatively protected from the elements? If it's sticking out away from the house far enough to allow for snow to pile on top of it, you might want to rethink the idea of leaving it up for the winter — the weight might be too much for it to be able to safely stay in place. If you decide to keep it in place knowing that snow will pile on top of it, make sure to go out and install extra supports and secure it well.

Cover the Unit

You want to protect the unit as best you can. Get a sheet of foam insulation. Cut it to fit the outside of the air conditioning unit. Place a sheet on the top, then the side and tape it in place. Then, the bottom, the other side and the front — use duct tape to secure it to the unit and seal up all of the corners. Now, get a thick contractor's garbage bag and slide it over the unit. Tape it securely in place. It won't look very pretty, but this will keep the unit protected from snow and ice and will keep some of the cool air from seeping into your home.

Stop Heat Loss

Now, to stop the heat from inside your home from slipping out around the unit. Get a can of spray foam insulation. Spray around the edges of the unit where it meets the window. Don't worry, the spray foam insulation will come off of the window if you happen to get it on there — you'll just need to saturate it with mineral spirits when you remove the air conditioner later.

Hang a set of thermal curtain panels over the window with the unit. This will stop a lot of heat loss and keep the unit out of sight until spring.

If you are unsure of your ability to prepare the unit for winter, talk with professional air conditioning services like Mitch Romero's Appliance & Air Conditioning Service for assistance.


16 October 2018

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