Off-Balance Washing Machine Problems – What Could Be Going On?


Have you been fighting to keep your washing machine running through an entire wash cycle without it going off-balance? When a washing machine is operating properly, it should not go off-balance when you're washing normal loads – now those feather comforters, they're a different animal altogether. Here, you'll find a few things that could be causing your problems and some tips to help resolve them.

Unbalanced Washing Machine

Did you do the installation work on your own? Did you balance the washing machine when you installed it? If the machine isn't balanced when it's installed, it will go off-balance during the spin cycle and stop running.

Get your level out and put it across the top of the washing machine – place it at the furthest point back and then do the same along the front. Is it level? If not, adjust the feet on the bottom of the unit until you've got it perfectly balanced.

If the machine was balanced when it was installed but isn't anymore, the flooring underneath may be failing. It would be in your best interest to disconnect the washing machine and move it out of its place so that you can inspect the flooring underneath. If it's damaged, it will need to be replaced.

Tip: When you redo the floor under the washing machine, install a floor drain and position a drip tray underneath it. This will prevent any water damage from occurring under the machine again in the future.

Lessen the Load

Just because your washing machine has been labeled as a heavy-duty, high-capacity washing machine doesn't mean that you can load it to the top with jeans and sweatshirts. You will have to watch the weight of the items that you're sticking in there.

If the load goes off-balance, adjust the contents of the machine and give it a go again. If it worked, you just had that one heavy item in there throwing things off. If not, you probably have too much weight in there for the machine to support when it's spinning.

Failing Components

There have been reports of some washing machines seemingly blowing up during the spin cycle. If your washing machine goes off-balance often, don't continue using it as it is – contact a repair technician for assistance. You don't want to end up with the wash bin from inside your washing machine blasting through your laundry room wall.

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13 January 2019

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