Washing Machine Parts That Commonly Wear Out


Washing machines have parts that commonly wear out with time. Knowing what these washing machine parts are and what they do can help you understand just when it's time to visit your appliance services store to buy new ones. Always rely on a professional to install any washing machine parts for you, even if you have installed them on your own in the past.

Your washing machine will be made more effective when all its parts are working well. Use this guide to help you understand what may go out on your washing machine and why the part is important. When your washing machine shows signs of failure, washing machine parts may be to blame.

The water pump

Your washing machine has a water pump, which has the sole purpose of allowing the water to enter and then drain from the machine. If your washing machine is having trouble with filling or draining, or if clothing comes out sopping wet after a rinse and drain cycle, the water pump may be to blame. Since it can be hard to tell if your water pump is the culprit or if there is a problem with your washing machine's drum, it's best to call an appliance repair specialist for all your washing machine parts and replacement needs.

The drum

The drum is made of two parts: the inner drum where the clothing and other washable items go, and the outer drum. The outer drum keeps the water in the inner drum where it needs to be and aids in draining the drum. If your washing machine rattles or shakes while it's in motion or the drum moves too freely inside your washing machine, the drum may be worn or loose or there may be a problem with the agitator.

The agitator

As the name implies, the agitator is the part of the washing machine where the washed items get actively spun and swished around. When the agitator is working as it should, washed items twist and turn normally, but if the washing machine is too full or the agitator is having problems, the washing machine may vibrate or fail to agitate at all. You may notice items coming out of the washing machine all clumped up around the agitator or loosely packed in the machine if the unit is not operating as it should.

Write down the make and model of your washing machine if you need replacement parts. Your washing machine specialist will assist you in getting the parts you need to help your washing machine operate well as it should. 


12 May 2020

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