Essential Tips To Diagnose And Repair Your Garbage Disposal Unit


One of the most straightforward pieces of equipment in your home is a garbage disposal unit. It relies on a motor and blades that rotate at high velocity to grind food particles. However, this device may clog or jam due to its frequent use in household kitchens. Additionally, since it's connected to a kitchen sink—an essential fixture in a home—it's highly crucial to ensure it's running correctly.

Your garbage disposal unit may experience various malfunctions, some of which are easily repairable and others that require expertise. When considering garbage disposal repair, keep in mind these four essential tips:


A garbage disposal unit that remains silent even after switching it on may have overheated and tripped off. When this happens, your first option in diagnosing the equipment is checking the red reset button. If there is no change after pushing the button, find your circuit breaker and check whether it has tripped. This issue is common and involves easy steps as discussed to diagnose and repair. However, if the problem is still persistent, consider working with a professional garbage disposal repair service to fix the unit.


A garbage disposal unit that only hums but doesn't work may have stuck impellers. When diagnosing this problem, avoid inserting your hands in the grinding chamber when trying to dislodge stuck elements. Proceed to switch off the unit and then open the bottom compartment to remove the blockages. While this is a straightforward process, consider hiring an expert plumber if you aren't sure of what to do.

Final Option

If these two approaches seem futile, the problem may be more severe than you think, and it would be prudent to enlist a professional plumber. However, before calling in an expert, find your manufacturer's warranty and determine whether your garbage disposal unit is still covered. If the guarantee has already expired, be prepared to replace the garbage disposal unit by purchasing a new one. Although new units come with installation guides, it's best to hire a professional plumber who can save you time and trouble by installing it.

Bonus Tip

Garbage disposal units can fail to work as required, just like any other equipment in your home. To avoid unnecessary repairs, never grind waste that can spoil the equipment, including metals, coffee grounds, or bones. Likewise, keep off chemical unclogging agents to eliminate stuck materials. Consider using a drain strainer and cold running water to prevent any blockages. Additionally, use smaller lemon peels alongside ice cubes and lukewarm water to avoid foul odors.

Contact a garbage disposal repair service for more information. 


2 February 2021

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