Need Refrigerator Repairs? Why the Food in Your Fridge Keeps Freezing Over


It can be unsettling to open your refrigerator in the morning and find that the bottle of fresh juice that you put in it froze into a rock. Most people assume that they can only lose their perishables when the cooling fails and they spoil. However, it is also possible to lose your fruit, vegetables, and soda bottles when the appliances freeze. Therefore, it is advisable to understand possible reasons why your refrigerator could be freezing up everything so you can troubleshoot or call the refrigerator repair technician. Here are the reasons behind frozen food in your fridge.

The Temperature Regulator Has Failed

Your fridge has an internal temperature regulation system, including a thermostat. It is possible to accidentally tune it up when picking something from the fridge. You could also knowingly tune it up from the suspicion that the temperature inside is not cold to your liking. Whatever the reason to tune it up, remember that your food will freeze once the settings get beyond what you intended. Consider resetting the thermostat to recommended levels as it minimizes your energy bill. Also, consider the possibility of a faulty thermostat. By repairing and resetting it, you will restore the function of your unit.

You Haven't Cleaned the Coils in a While

Your fridge has a heat exchanger and condenser to help keep the air cool at all times. The cooling system involves compressing evaporated refrigerant and taking heat from it. The heat exchange process does not run well when coils have dirt in them. Consequently, your refrigerator starts cycling more than before to maintain the conditions inside the chamber. Unfortunately, this results in the refrigerator freezing the food. The best way to handle dirty coils is by calling a professional to remove debris from them. Regular coil cleaning maintains the function and efficiency of your refrigerator.

Your Damper Needs Repairs

Most older fridges with a separate freezer also have a damper. The damper is the part of the refrigerator regulating the amount of cooled air that gets inside the fridge from the freezer. If it has malfunctioned, excess cold air will flow into the main chamber from the freezer section. Consequently, your fridge will start freezing food. A competent technician can troubleshoot and fix problems with the damper and restore optimal functionality.

You should consult an expert after waking up to frozen food in the main compartment of your refrigerator. The refrigerator repair contractor can assess your appliance and offer a long-lasting solution to its problems.


12 October 2021

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