Signs Your Dishwasher Needs An Appliance Repair Service


Your dishwasher is one of your home's most important appliances. Therefore, you want it to be in good condition. However, sometimes dishwasher parts wear down and need replacement. A broken dishwasher can be more than an inconvenience. It could damage your dishes and other parts of your kitchen. Keep reading to learn more about the signs your dishwasher needs repair.

Your Dishes Aren't Clean

Sometimes, dishes don't get clean because of the way you arrange the dishes. You could also have problems if you don't prepare them correctly. For example, some types of soap do better if you don't pre-rinse.

However, your dishwasher may have a mechanical issue that makes the machine less effective. You could have a spray arm malfunction, for example. Poor drainage can also result in dirtier dishes. If you know your soap or the dish arrangement isn't the problem, have a professional check it out.

You See Pools of Water

Pools of water both inside and outside the dishwasher are never good. Inside pooling may indicate a drain component problem. The machine may need a drain replacement. If you have a newer model, you may have a sensor problem. Water pooling primarily on the outside may indicate a weak seal or bad latch. Pooling and overfilling inside the dishwasher could lead to flooding and damage outside the machine.

Your Dishes Are Cool

Your dishes should feel hot right after the cycle ends. Heat kills bacteria and sanitizes your dishes. Your dishes should feel hot even if you run a short cycle. If they don't, you may have a heating element or electrical problem and need an appliance repair service's help.

You Hear Weird Sounds

Weird sounds from your dishwasher can be disconcerting. You may hear noise when dishes are loaded improperly and interfere with the spray arm or get dislodged. However, if rearranging the dishes doesn't stop the noise, you could have a mechanical issue. A broken or loose pump is a common cause of strange noises.

Your Dishwasher's Door Doesn't Lock

Door locks wear out over time, and doors can become misaligned. Most machines won't run when the door isn't locked and sealed. A bad door lock can give the appearance that your dishwasher is completely dead. Even if the machine runs, your door may not have a good seal, and you could get a leak.

Some of these problems require a professional touch. You can have more than one issue at a time. If your dishwasher shows any of the previously mentioned signs, call an appliance repair service. Don't use the appliance until you get a professional opinion. 


17 March 2023

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