Need Refrigerator Repairs? Why the Food in Your Fridge Keeps Freezing Over


It can be unsettling to open your refrigerator in the morning and find that the bottle of fresh juice that you put in it froze into a rock. Most people assume that they can only lose their perishables when the cooling fails and they spoil. However, it is also possible to lose your fruit, vegetables, and soda bottles when the appliances freeze. Therefore, it is advisable to understand possible reasons why your refrigerator could be freezing up everything so you can troubleshoot or call the refrigerator repair technician.

12 October 2021

Essential Tips To Diagnose And Repair Your Garbage Disposal Unit


One of the most straightforward pieces of equipment in your home is a garbage disposal unit. It relies on a motor and blades that rotate at high velocity to grind food particles. However, this device may clog or jam due to its frequent use in household kitchens. Additionally, since it's connected to a kitchen sink—an essential fixture in a home—it's highly crucial to ensure it's running correctly. Your garbage disposal unit may experience various malfunctions, some of which are easily repairable and others that require expertise.

2 February 2021